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The Larch


The Larch™ is a very basic software tool for organizing notes into a hierarchical structure. Hierarchical documents – a.k.a. tree documents – have many uses, including argument maps, work breakdown structures, hierarchical task analysis, help documentation, and general note taking. The Larch is named what it is because (a) larch is a kind of tree and this is a tree-based editor; (b) larch is a partial anagram of hierarchical; and (c) Monty Python.


5/27/2014 – The latest version is now 1.1. It provides many bug fixes over 1.0, including a major bug that was preventing a newly created document from saving if the user had not yet selected a document type during the session.


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The Larch provides four different usage templates, and you can add your own templates as well using over 80 icons available to apply to tree nodes. Documents can also be exported to HTML and RTF formats.

System Requirements

The Larch was developed under Windows 7 but should run under Windows 2000 and later.


To download and install the beta version 1.1 of The Larch:

  1. Download the file. Click here to download.
  2. Unzip it. (Get a free zip/unzip program such as 7-Zip if you don’t already have one.)
  3. Run the extracted setup.exe program.
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